How to Share Canva Design with Team in 2024

If you design with Canva, you probably want to know how to share your designs with your team in 2024.

You can easily share your designs with the Team if you are a Canva pro user. I’m going to go over two quick ways for you to quickly share your designs with your team.How to Share Canva Design with Team in 2024

How to Share Canva Design with Team in 2024

Graphic design and photo editing were difficult tasks prior to Canva. These tasks were limited to the abilities of graphic designers and Photoshop specialists. However, with the invention of Canva, anyone can now independently create designs for their own use and businesses.

You must want to develop a brand identity and templates for your business if you run a small business or are a business owner yourself. Additionally, you must distribute the templates and other designs to your marketers, social media account managers, and content producers.

Canva Teams is being used by numerous companies, both big and small, to distribute the designs among their teams. You can share your designs with other team members if you are a member of a Canva Pro Team.

You have the option to share your Canva designs with the entire team or just a select few people. Additionally, Canva lets you share links or emails with others so they can see your designs. These might

How to Share Canva Design with Team in 2024

How To Share Canva Design With Team

One by one, let’s talk about the two ways to share Canva designs with the team:

Method 1: Use Canva to Share Designs With Your Team

I’ll provide you a detailed tutorial on how to distribute Canva designs to your group.

Go into your Canva Pro account first. Open the Canva desktop app or navigate to

Open the design you wish to share with your team after logging into your account.

In the upper right corner of your design, the Share button will be visible. Press the “Share” button.

You will be presented with a number of options when you click the share button. After choosing “can view” or “can edit,” select “Copy link.” If you want to share the design with other team members, send them this link. If you would like to present your design to your entire team, you have the option to select the entire team.

How to Share Canva Design with Team in 2024

You will see a building icon with the avatar if your design has been shared with the entire team; if it has only been shared with a small number of team members, you will see a people icon with the avatar. Additionally, Canva will display how many people you shared the design with.

Following the distribution of your design among a subset of your team, a folder labeled “Shared with you” will appear in the projects section. All of the designs that you shared with your team group will be in this folder.

Method 2: Provide the team with the design template link.

Let’s now discuss the second way you can communicate your Canva designs to your team. I’ve gone over the procedure step-by-step with you.

Open the Canva desktop app or navigate to Open your Canva Pro account and log in.
Navigate to the dashboard’s “Your Projects” area after logging in.

Open the design you wish to share with your team or a select group of people from the projects section.
Click the Share button located in the upper right corner of your design.

You will be presented with a list of options when you click on Share. Select the More option by clicking on it.

Choose the “Template link” option from the More menu.

Upon selecting the “Template link” option, a shareable link is generated. Copy the URL.

Either distribute this link to your entire team or to a subset of your team members.

How to Share Canva Design with Team in 2024

Important Note

If a video that you cropped in Canva or hidden photos or other content are included in the design that you wish to share with your Canva Team. If your team makes a copy of these pictures and videos, they will be visible to your team.

Thus, make sure your designs are flawless before sharing them.

Providing Designs Through Notifications on the Homepage
On your homepage, you will see a notification if a colleague or member of your team requests access to your design.

You will notice an icon of a bell on your home page. Depending on how many notifications you get, a number will appear on that bell icon.

To access the To-Do list, click the bell icon. Check if you have any requests for design access.
Decide which kind of permissions you want to grant. The other person has access to your design and can view, edit, and even add comments. Next Press the “Share” icon.

The design permission request will go from the To-Do list to the Completed list of notifications once the person has been granted permission to open your design. You will get a confirmation notification after that.
Exchange of Profile Images
When you share a Canva design with your team, all of the members who have access to it can see their profile icons. However, the absence of a profile icon on a design indicates that it is not shared.

Your design will only have two profile icons—yours and the other person’s—if you share it with just one person.

However, the design will feature a plus icon with your profile picture if you share it with a group or the entire team. To view all of the members who have access to that design, click the plus sign.

In the fast-evolving world of design, Canva has established itself as a powerful and user-friendly tool. As we approach 2024, the need for collaboration and sharing Canva designs within a team has become even more crucial. This article explores how to effectively share Canva designs with your team, ensuring seamless collaboration and a streamlined design process.

Understanding Canva in 2024

With its extensive range of design capabilities for both individuals and teams, Canva has come a long way. It is still the preferred platform for producing eye-catching graphics, presentations, and other content in 2024. The ability to collaborate on designs within Canva has become essential with the rise of remote work.

The Importance of Collaborative Design

In the field of design, collaboration is essential, not just fashionable. Real-time collaboration among team members can greatly enhance the effectiveness and caliber of the design process. Canva understands this and provides a number of tools to help with collaborative design.

Sharing Canva Designs: The Basics

Making a design in your Canva account is the first step towards sharing designs with your team. You can share your design with your team in a few different ways once it’s complete. To accomplish this, create a team in Canva, send out invites to members, and make use of the collaborative tools.

Creating a Team in Canva

To start sharing Canva designs, you’ll need to create a team within your Canva account. This process is simple and involves selecting a team name and adding a team description. The team serves as a central hub for all your design projects and members.

Inviting Team Members

After creating a team, the next step is inviting team members. You can send email invitations to your team members or share a unique link to join the team. It’s essential to ensure that your team members have Canva accounts to access the shared designs.

Collaborative Design Features

Team members can collaborate in real-time on a single design using Canva’s collaborative design features. This facilitates the sharing of ideas and enhancements by enabling the addition, editing, and commenting on design elements.

Version Control and Revisions

In the collaborative design process, version control is vital. Canva keeps track of changes made by team members, allowing you to revert to previous versions if needed. This ensures that your design remains consistent and error-free.

Organizing Team Projects

Organizing your design projects within the team is possible with Canva. Projects can be categorized, team members assigned, and deadlines set. This tool keeps your team organized and simplifies project management.

Integrating with Project Management Tools

For teams looking to enhance project management, Canva offers integrations with popular project management tools. This allows you to synchronize your design projects with your overall project management workflow.

Streamlining Feedback and Comments

Efficient communication within the team is crucial. Canva simplifies this by enabling comments and feedback directly on the design. This real-time interaction ensures that your team stays on the same page during the design process.

Ensuring Security and Privacy

Canva takes security seriously. You can control who has access to your team and designs, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected. Canva’s robust security measures guarantee the privacy of your design projects.

Training Team Members

To make the most of Canva’s collaborative features, it’s essential to train your team members. Canva offers resources and tutorials to help your team become proficient in using the platform for collaborative design.

Real-Life Examples

To illustrate the effectiveness of sharing Canva designs with a team, we’ve gathered real-life examples of businesses and organizations that have streamlined their design process using Canva’s collaborative features.


As we step into 2024, the need for efficient collaboration in design has never been more apparent. Canva empowers teams to share designs, collaborate seamlessly, and produce outstanding results. By following the steps outlined in this article, your team can harness the power of Canva and create stunning designs together.


1. Is Canva free for team collaboration in 2024?
– Canva offers both free and paid plans for team collaboration. While the free plan provides basic collaborative features, the paid plans unlock advanced capabilities.

2. Can I revoke access to shared designs in Canva?
– Yes, as the owner of a design, you can control access to shared designs and revoke access at any time.

3. What types of design projects can I collaborate on in Canva?
– You can collaborate on a wide range of design projects, including social media graphics, presentations, posters, and more.

4. Are there any restrictions on the number of team members in Canva?
– Canva’s paid plans offer options for a varying number of team members. The number of team members may be limited based on your plan.

5. How can I learn more about using Canva for team collaboration?
– Canva provides a knowledge base and tutorials to help you and your team make the most of its collaborative features.

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